Video Art Productions - MitzvahsVideoArt Productions is the Tampa Bay area’s top Bar and Bat Mitzvah expert!  As a member of the Jewish faith, owner Art Dryce understands the traditions and importance of this special day.

With over 30 years of experience, our videographers can capture the ceremony (if permissible by your temples traditions) and reception and edit the day’s events to create lasting memories of your special event on personalized DVD’s.

All videos include High Definition quality video, crisp clean audio, special editing techniques and effects and extra video bonus montages that capture all the beauty of your synagogue, celebration venue, decorations, family and mitzvah day fun!

Why Hire a Professional Mitzvah Videographer?

  • You won’t have to pick and choose what you document. You can only be so many places at once, and on your special day you’re going to want to be everywhere at once, but you just can’t. With packages that actually allow us to be in multiple places at once with multiple cameras we can be everywhere you want us to be!
  • Everyone will be able to enjoy the day. Let your family, friends and most importantly, yourselves, enjoy the Mitzvah entirely by letting our professional Mitzvah videographer handle capturing all the special moments of your day! Some people assume pictures and videos taken by family and guests will suffice, but it is nearly impossible for any of your guests, even your family members, to be able to concentrate on giving the documentation the special attention it deserves.
  • You’ll have all the highlights and most precious moments on one DVD. Between getting ready, the ceremony and the reception, there is simply too much going on for one person to capture all of the moments and string them together in one piece of exceptional work. You need professionals.
  • Videos capture so much more than pictures. Pictures can only capture so much. They don’t offer the sound, movement, voices, music, etc. that videos do. Having a professional Mitzvah videographer will add life to your memories.

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