Best Video Company!

We have been clients of VideoArt Productions for nearly twenty years. The company is by far the best video production facility we have ever worked with. They consistently meet deadlines, stay on budget and exceed our expectations. Beyond that, all the guys on the team are personable, professional and creative. I can always rely on them for a job well done.

Mary Devine
Vice President, CMSA Advertising & Public Relations

Our video is a beautiful remembrance of our beautiful wedding. Thank you very much for being so professional and easy to work with. When we sent the special YouTube video to our friends and relatives, they loved it! We love it!

Awesome Footage

Working with athletes, coaches and their teams is not easy, but you and your staff find a way to make each of our guys and their families feel comfortable and at ease each and every time you shoot an interview and footage for the network

Bill Wickett, Senior Vice President Communications
Tampa Bay Lightning